ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Marketing: Choice of Media in Advertising

  • An important factor in advertising is choosing the right media
  • Media refers to the communication channel through which data or information flows
  • Media includes every broadcasting and narrow-casting medium such as:
  • newspapers,
  • magazines,
  • TV, radio,
  • billboards,
  • direct mail,
  • telephone,
  • fax,
  • and internet.
  • Several factors have to be taken in consideration when choosing a medium

Factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate media

The reach of the media

  • That is the proportion of the target audince that can be covered by the media
  • For example is it a national newspaper e.g. Herald, a local/town newspaper such as H-Metro or a regional newspaper such as the Manicapost
  • The advertiser has to consider the extent of their market vis a vis the coverage of the media
  • It would be wasteful to advertise a local plumbing business in a regional newspaper

The selectivity of the media

  • That is whether the audience is general or mixed or specialist
  • For example niche magazines, blogs, channels might have a smaller but higher focused audience that will result in more sales
  • For example a fancy technological gadget will have better sales if advertised on TechZim rather than in the Herald even though the Herald has wider coverage and a wider audience
  • Similary advertising your travel agency in a travel magazine will probably result in higher sales than advertising in a general magazine
  • Advertising in a selective media will result in less wastage

The relative cost

  • While cost should not be the overriding metric in choosing the most appropriate media it should not be ignored
  • The advertiser should compare the cost ¬†advertising in a given media against other media
  • It would be beneficial to compare the reach/cost of each media
  • Cost is a constraint as a business’s resources are likely to be limited
  • The most const effective media should be choose

The impact of the media

  • This refers to the extent to which the message is effectively absorbed by the audience
  • Some forms of advertising might be cheap and reach a wider audience but have little impact on the advertiser
  • For example outdoor advertising and classifieds
  • Customers respond better to media adverts such as on Television or Radio but these are more expensive

The Product itself

  • For example how complicated the product is, for whom it is intended etc
  • If it is necessary to demonstrate the product in use it might make better sense to use Television Advertising compared to more limited billboards
  • Simple products that are well known such as chicken feed can be effectively sold via billboards
  • Specialist products such as airplanes will fare better if they are advertised in niche publications for example

The permanence of the advertising media

  • When selling products that are not often used it is necessary to advertise in a more permanent medium
  • When selling products that are often used it is important to constantly advertise in non permanent forms of advertising such as T.V.

Advantages and disadvantages of various advertising media

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