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Who we are

We are a group of men and women who are crazy about technology and passionate to share our knowledge with today’s generation. We live in a digital world, a fact those tasked with overseeing our education constantly overlook. At the start of 2015 we decided to step in the gap and bring the curriculum to you and today’s generation on platforms that are most accessible to them.  This, we hope, will enable them to more enjoy their learning experience and be the future that we want them to be. We are here to perpetually extend the horizons of possibility.

We share the conviction that education should be fun, painless and coeval with the world we live in and not be stuck to the whims and ages of its administrators. That the education process must constantly evolve to meet our needs

Note on the new curriculum

The New Curriculum has been constantly threatening to upend the Education system as we know it. However ever since the exit of former President Robert Mugabe and his minister of Education Lazurus Dokora most of the onerous and burdensome changes are under review. Our site will be mindful of this.

Advertising Opportunities

If you have a business/product(s) that targets schools, students, teachers and parents we have advertising opportunities that can improve the visibility of your business. We will even help you with the set up and jargon. Online advertising is the new normal. If you are interested please email us at: garikai@revision.co.zw