We are still getting started so some of the subjects below might not yet be available. As a general rule if you cannot click on a link it means it’s not yet available. Be patient due to the number of things we have to cover quizzes might not be available every week.

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Welcome to our weekly quizzes. These quizzes are updated each week and are meant to test and assess your understanding of the concepts set out in the syllabus of each subject. To begin a quiz just click on your desired subject and you will be taken to the current week’s quiz.


Free vs Premium

Weekly quizzes are divided in free and premium parts. The free version is in multiple-choice format and you will see your results immediately after completing the quiz. The free version is meant to aid your study and help make sure you are not missing important points and tops.

The premium version will require you to send payment to us via Ecocash, submit the answer online and your answer will be marked by a human and you will receive feedback. Premium versions are meant to be a form of in-depth online revision.

NB We are currently not posting premium quizzes. Due to comittments, quizzes might not be updated every week. In the meantime make use of the specimen papers to get a picture of what the new examination structure looks like.

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  8. Advanced Level Business Studies
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