Goods on display. Image credit

Goods on a window display. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Advertising: Other advertising media

Window displays

  • These cover window displays and other displays within the shops themselves.
  • Are aimed at customers who wlk in and out of the shop.
  • The displays are meant to encourage impulse buying.

Point of sale display

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Goods at a POS

  • Is usually made use of by supermarkets.
  • Goods are displayed near the check-out point.
  • Goods are displayed attractively at eye-level e.g. batteries, bubble-gums etc.
  • This is meant to encourage impulse buying.

Illuminated or neon signs

Neon light. Image credit

Neon light. Image credit

  • These are:
  • Usually used by banks, building societies and service stations,
  • The lights flash and change colours intermittently to attract those passing/driving by.
  • Provide wide coverage as they can be viewed by all those passing by especially at night.

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