An Order form. Image credit

An Order form. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Letter of Inquiry

Letter of inquiry

  • It is a letter written by a buyer/potential buyer to a supplier or to several suppliers.
  • It shows the names and addresses of both the buyer and the seller.
  • It has and shows a date of issue.
  • In which the buyer/potential buyer requests the following information about goods/services from the supplier:
  1. The types/range of goods available for sale.
  2. The size of the goods/services.
  3. The prices of the goods/services.
  4. The terms of payment and availability of credit and if any discounts are available.
  5. The terms of delivery for the goods including the dates and delivery cost.

Order Note

  • Is written by a buyer to the supplier.
  • It shows the names and addresses of the buyer and seller.
  • It states the expected time of delivery and method of payment.
  • Might quote the catalogue number or quotation number if any.
  • It shows the quoted prices.
  • At the barest minimum it is made in duplicate (i.e. there are at least two copies).
  • The buyer states the description of goods/services they desire to buy in the including:
  1. The desired quantity.
  2. The desired size.
  3. The desired name/ types/ models of goods.
  4. The colour of goods desired.
  5. The quality of goods desired.

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