Kaguvi and Nehanda Heroes of the First Chimurenga

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The First Chimurenga: The Role of Religion in the Ndebele – Shona uprisings (1896-7)

  • It is believed that the BSAC exaggerated the role played by religious leaders
  • They blamed them for using supernatural methods
  • The religious leaders worked together with local political leaders
  • They gave religious approval to the start of the uprisings
  • They told their people that Mwari wanted them to kill whites
  • They also offered psychological and emotional support to the warriors
  • This gave courage and morale and confidence to African warriors as they believed in Mwari
  • The mediums linked the Ndebele and Shona uprising ensuring unity among freedom fighters
  • They helped in coordinating and organizing the Chimurenga as they had powers that extended across paramount borders
  • They were involved in directing attacks against the whites, for example, Nehanda ordered the capturing and killing of Native Commissioner for Mazowe, Pollard

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