Duracell electric cells. Image credit linkedin.com

Duracell electric cells. Image credit linkedin.com

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Introduction to electric cells

  • An electric cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy
  • Two metal electrodes are dipped into an electrolyte
  • During the chemical reaction that takes place in the cell
  • One electrode loses electrons and
  • The other electrode gains electrodes
  • This then results in a positive terminal and
  • A negative terminal on the cell
  • If a circuit of conducting wires is connected between the two electrodes
  • A current will flow
A simple electric cell

A simple electric cell. Showing basic components

  • The electrodes must be different (i.e. made of two different metals)
  • For an electric current to flow in the circuit
  • The difference between the electrodes gives a potential difference (voltage)
  • Which pushes electrons around the circuit from one electrode to another

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