As is now well known ZIMSEC in conjunction with the Ministry of Education made some material changes to Zimbabwe’s curriculum. This curriculum ( new curriculum as we will from here now call it) made some involved changes to the way students are examined.

The biggest change was supposed to be continuous assessment. However due to financial constraints ZIMSEC have since indefinitely suspended continuous assessment except for Science and Practical subjects such as Agriculture and Computer Science which had continuous assessment even in the old syllabus.

Below are links to specimen papers for the New Curriculum. The first examination under the New Curriculum was administered in November 2018. It involves some significant changes and the purpose of these specimen papers is to provide a feel of what a typical examination will be like.

You need to unzip the papers to get PDF files

Most of the links below allow you to download the papers in zip format. The zip file for each subject contains all the papers for that particular subject. To get the papers you will need to unzip ( extract the files). Once you unzip you will get to the PDF files. If you do not how to do this please go to this post and learn how to do this

The Papers

Just tap or click on the links below to download specimen paper(s) for a given subject.

Accounting (6001)

Additional Mathematics (6002)

Building Technology and Design (6003)

Business Enterprise (6004)

Design and Technology (6005)

History (6006)

Literature in Shona (6007)

Literature in Ndebele (6008)

Literature in Tonga (6009)

Mechanical Mathematics (6021)

Sports Management (6022)

Computer Science (6023)

Horticulture (6024)

Business Studies (6025)

Theatre Arts (6026)

Wood Technology and Design (6027)

Animal Science (6028)

Art (6029)

Biology (6030)

Chemistry (6031)

Physics (6032)

Communication Skills (6033)

Economic History (6034)

Economics (6073)

Food Technology and Design (6036)

Geography (6037)

Home Management (6038)

Literature in English (6039)

Metal Technology and Design (6040)

Pure Mathematics (6042)

Sociology (6043)

Software Engineering (6044)

Sports Science and Technology (6080)

Statistics (6046)

Technical Graphics and Design (6047)

Agricultural Engineering (6048)

Crop Science (6049)

Dance (6050)

Family and Religious Studies (6074)

Music (6053)

Shona (6054)

Ndebele (6055)

Tonga (6056)

Textiles Technology and Design (6069)

Physical Education, Sport and Mass Displays (6070)