ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)

  • Receives complaints from consumers and then investigates them.
  • Settles disputes via arbitration between consumers and traders.
  • Files lawsuits on behalf of consumers.
  • Educates consumers on their rights.
  • Provides advice to consumers, ie. advises consumers to buy wisely by comparing prices and quality of products.
  • Conducts spot checks to make sure that standards are maintained and that prices recommended by the government are adhered to.
  • Encourages fair competition among manufacturers when advertising.
  • Promotes:
  • manufacturing of standard goods.
  • Proper labelling of goods.
  • Ethical, moral and decent advertising of goods and services.
  • recommends:
  • testing of goods by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe and publishing of results of goods tested.
  • Reputable shops to customers.
  • appropriate consumer legislation to government.
  • Acts as a watchdog against unethical practices by traders e.g. profiteering.

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