General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level

ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                                                 1122/1


                                                    NOVEMBER 2013 SESSION                             1 hour 30 minutes

TIME  1 hour 30 minutes


Read the paper carefully before answering the questions.

Answer two questions.

Answer one question from Section A and the one from Section B.

Write your answers on the separate answer paper provided

If you us more than one sheet of  paper, fasten the sheets together.


The number of marks is given in brackets

[] at the end of each question.

You are advised to spend 50 minutes on Section A and 40 minutes on Section B.


Write a composition on one of the following topics. Your answer should be between 350 and 450 words in length. You are advised to spend 5o minutes  on this section.

1. Describe an incident which angered your parents and what you did to put matters right.

2. Write a story based on one of the following.

Either (a) If only I had been an adult

(b) All hope was lost

3. The advantages of being an only child outweigh the disadavantages. Discuss.

4. Describe a visit to a place of interest that ended in disappointment.

5. Repentance.

6. Suggest ways in which street begging can be reduced.

7. Describe an occasion when you made someone feel wanted happy.

Section B (20 Marks)

Answer the following question. You are advised to spend 40 minutes on this section. Begin your answer on a fresh page.

8. As a senior prefect, your school Head has asked you to present a speech on the theme “ Leadership Qualities” at a meeting organised for newly appointed prefects. Write the speech using the notes given below. You may add any relevant points of your own.


-ability to communicate


-good decision making skills


-be a role model

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