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General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level

ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                               1122/1

JUNE 2014 SESSION            1 hour 30 minutes

TIME 1 hour 30 minutes


  • Write your name, Center number and candidate number in the spaces provided on the answer paper/answer booklet.
  • Read the paper carefully before answering the questions.
  • Answer two questions.
  • Answer one question from Section A and the one from Section B.
  • Write your answers on the separate answer paper provided.
  • If you use more than one sheet of paper, fasten the sheets together.


  • The number of marks is given in brackets
[] at the end of each question.
  • You are advised to spend 50 minutes on Section A and 40 minutes on Section B.
    Write a composition on one of the following topics. Your answer should be between 350 and 450 words in length. You are advised to spend 50 minutes on this section.

    1 Describe the view from the top of the tallest building or mountain in a busy city or village. [30]

    2 Write a story based on one of the following:
    Either a) His past had finally caught up with him. [30] Or        b) After all the embarrassing things I had done, I never expected my parents to forgive and welcome me                             back home.  [30]

    3 “Maintaining open and honest lines of communication strengthens relationships between parents and children.” Discuss. [30]

    4 How far do you agree with the view that there is a close relationship between poverty and HIV?AIDS? [30]

    5 The mysterious parcel. [30]

    6 One good turn deserves another. [30]

    7 The advantages and disadvantages of a free education system. [30] SECTION B (20 MARKS)
    Answer the following question. You are advised to spend 40 minutes on this section. Begin you answer on a fresh page.

    8 The following advertisement for the position of Senior Sales Person has been posted in a daily newspaper by Technosales (Ltd). Using the information provided in the advertisement, apply for the post.


    As a leading company which specializes in the sale of computer hardware and software, cellular phones and accessories and a wide range of business machines, we are inviting application for the position of Senior Sales Person.

    Qualifications and Experience:

    • Five (5) Ordinary Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics.
    • Minimum qualification of National Diploma in Marketing or equivalent.
    • Experience in selling computer related hardware and software.
    • Ability to supervise clerical staff in the Sales Department.
    • Must be outgoing and able to communicate at all levels.
    • A clean class four (4) driver's license is essential.

    Written applications, including expected date of availability and names of two contactable referees, should be submitted to: The Human Resources Manager
    Technosales Pvt (Ltd)
    P O Box MSA 4198
    Deadline for submission of application is 29 July 2014