Msasa trees in spring. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes:Natural Resources: Renewable Resources: Zimbabwe’s forests

  • Zimbabwe’s natural vegetation is generally described as savanna woodland.
  • This means that the vegetation consists mainly of tall grass and scattered trees.
  • The density of trees varies from place to place depending on various factors
  • These factors include:
  •  amount of rainfall,
  • temperature,
  • soils,
  • aspect and
  • human activities.
  • An examination of the country’s vegetation zones will give an insight into types of wood available and their distribution.
  • Basically Zimbabwe has four broad vegetation zones, namely:
    1. Brachystegia savanna woodland (musasa and mutondo).
    2. Mopani savanna woodland.
    3. Acacia savanna woodland
    4. Mountain forest and grass.

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