Mugabe the Secretary General of Zanu PF

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Struggle for Independence in Colonial Zimbabwe 1900-1980:The Zimbabwe African National Union and the People’s Caretaker Council (PPC)

  • After disputes in the nationalist ZAPU, they split into two groups as there was dissatisfaction over Nkomo’s leadership after he accepted the new colonial constitution
  • A new political party ws formed in August 1963 called ZANU with Ndabaningi Sithole as its president, Leopold Takawira its Vice President and Robert Mugabe its Secretary General and Morton Malianga and the Secretary for Youth
  • Those who remained in ZAPU affirmed Nkomo as their leader for life and Nkomo formed the PPC to constitute for the ban on ZAPU
  • The split is also argued to have been caused by tribalism (Shona vs Ndebele) and regionalism
  • The Shona and the Ndebele fought the Second Chimurenga divided as they did with the First Chimurenga
  • The political climate in Zimbabwe in April 1964 got more tense
  • Ian Douglas Smith replaced the sacked Winston and his government was more brutal and harassing
  • At this point African nationalists realised that they were not achieving much through peaceful negotiations

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