ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources:Ways to overcome barriers to the communication process

  • As pointed out the communication process can encounter problems that will reduce its effectiveness
  • These problems are also known as communication barriers
  • To read notes on the communication process please click here
  • These communication barriers can be overcome in various ways depending on their nature:

Possible solutions to encoding level barriers

  • Planning the process in advance
  • State all assumptions being made if necessary or not making any assumptions at all
  • Avoid the use of jargon unless when communicating with fellow colleagues who are familiar with the terms
  • When the receiver and sender have different first languages try to find a common language e.g. English or find a translator
  • Avoid verbosity, cliche’s and outdated words
  • Compose and revise your message to make sure your intentions are clearly expressed
  • Try to understand the other person’s point of view, circumstance etc (be empathetic) even if you do not agree with them or share their circumstances
  • Appropriate use of terminology

Possible solutions to transmission level barriers

  • Select the most appropriate channel for your audience e.g. radio for rural people
  • Speak clearly
  • Write legibly or type the message using a clear font
  • Avoid passive aggressive behavior, irony and sarcasm when communicating which might lead to contradictions between spoken message and non-verbal cues
  • Find a quite environment to avoid noise
  • Use reliable technology to avoid distortion e.g. send an email instead of sending a messenger in person

Possible solutions to decoding level barriers

  • Avoid distractions and focus
  • Use feedback to elicit verification of the sender’s intended meaning of ambiguous words
  • Express your lack of interest in the subject
  • Avoid emotional stress before the communication process
  • Take courses that deal with stereotypical views and bias
  • Tell the sender when you have been overwhelmed with information

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