Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Image credit youtube.com

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes:The Royal Charter

  • After the Rudd Concession,
  • Rhodes went to seek a charter from the British Queen to expand his mission in Zimbabwe.
  • A charter is an official document from a Monarchy (Queen/King) granting a person or group permission act on behalf of the government.
  • The charter was granted in October 1889 by the Queen Victoria of Britain to Rhodes and his group.

Terms of the Royal Charter

They were granted that they do the following:

  • The BSAC was to hold concession rights for 25 years which could be renewed for periods of 10 years afterwards
  • The British government remained the sole owner of the colony and the company was to act on the advice of the Secretary of State for Colonies
  • Practice good governance
  • The company had to have its headquarters in Great Britain
  • Preserve peace and order
  • Issue mining concessions to British citizens
  • Grant plots of land to British
  • They were to establish banks
  • They were to construct roads, railways and telegraphs
  • They were to promote trade and commerce
  • They were to promote civilization
  • They were to respect local customs, religion and laws
  • They were to ban the sale of liquor to the locals
  • They were to abolish slave trade

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