The railway line reached Salisbury(Harare)

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Colonisation of Zimbabwe: Results of the Ndebele-Shona Uprisings

  • The defeat of the Ndebele and Shona led to the total colonization of Zimbabwe and the Europeans firmly settled
  • Many Shona chiefs were killed during the first Chimurenga
  • The whites replaced these chief which puppet chiefs
  • African Traditional Religion lost ground to Christianity
  • Agriculture and trade were severely disrupted
  • The railway extension reached Harare in 1897
  • Colonial policies were either strengthened or introduced
  • African reserves were extended to Mashonaland
  • A Land Commission was set up
  • Taxation and forced labour were continued
  • The BSAC enforced their policies and actions to openly abusing Africans
  • The BSAC became a more legal government
  • Efficient and effective administration structures were set up to prevent further rebellion
  • Britain became involved in the affairs of Zimbabwe to help the BSAC prevent future disasters
  • A Resident Commissioner was appointed for Rhodesia to monitor the BSAC
  • Rhodes as scared of losing his colony to the British so he made a settlement with them to share political powers
  • A Legislative Council was formed to rule Zimbabwe

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