ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Marketing:Price Variations

  • In addition to employing varies pricing strategies  firms can also make use of price variations
  • This is when prices are adjusted depending on a variety of factors
  • This is usually achieved by using discounts
  • There are therefore a number of discounts
  • Discounts for bulk purchases
  • Discounts for prompt payments
  • Purchases that are made during off-peak periods
  • Discounts for favored customers
  • Family brand prices ensure that products in a given family of brands e.g. Heinz beans, tomato sauce and ketchup are priced in relation to one another
  • Psychological pricing- is when prices are set according to psychographic techniques for example $9.99 instead of $10
  • The process used by retailers of separating goods into cost categories in order to create various quality levels in the minds of consumers.
  • For example downloadable songs are charged at 99 cents per download
  • Some businesses especially supermarkets make use of loss leaders for a small range of their products
  • These goods are sold to customers at below cost prices and attracting customers and allowing the business to make profit and recover costs on other items in the shop
  • The hope is that the customer will not just buy the under priced item but will also put the other better priced items in the basket

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