Murambinda Growth Point. Image credit

Murambinda Growth Point. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Settlements:Possible solutions to Urbanisation problems

  • Most LEDCs such as Zimbabwe struggle with urbanisation problems
  • This is because most countries cannot cope with the rapid rate of urbanisation
  • as the rate of industrialization and economic growth is outpaced by the rate of urbanisation
  • Certain measures and solutions can be implemented to try and solve the urbanisation problems
  • These include:
  • Developing rural areas by providing rural areas with agricultural inputs such as fertilizer
  • This improves the productivity of the land and reduces pressure on resources
  • Decentralising some industries to rural areas
  • This can be done by implementing policies that favour industries that locate in remote areas
  • The creation of Growth Points
  • Introducing income generating projects in rural areas for example broiler and layer projects
  • Reducing the birth rates in both rural and urban areas
  • This can be done by say for example introducing family planning programs
  • Increased investments in both rural and urban areas
  • Investments in the former will enable cities and towns to be able to cope with the increasing populations
  • The latter dissuades people from migrating to urban areas by negating some of the pull factors of relocating to towns
  • Land redistribution in rural areas
  • Availing people to affordable housing in urban areas for example through council housing projects
  • Skills training programs to promote entrepreneurship and subsequently creating more employment opportunities.

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