Young Hitler posing with other German soldiers

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Germany: Political Career

  • After the war, Hitler went into politics
  • He joined the Germany Workers’ Party in 1919 and was made a committee member
  • The name of the party was the National Socialists which is Pronounced as Nazi in German
  • The Nazi badge was the Swastika
  • In 1920 Hitler helped the launch of the party’s 25 points
  • Some of the points were as follows:
    1. Unite all Germany people
    2. Overturn the treaty of Versailles
    3. Obtain territory and colonies for Germany expanding population
    4. Only Germans were to be citizens of Germany not Jews
    5. Treating of all non-Germany citizens as foreigners
    6. Working for the good of the state by all individuals
    7. Conscription
    8. Establishing strong central government
    9. Control and censorship of press
    10. Nationalization of the biggest industries and departmental stores
  • Hitler attacked the Weimer republic for their failure to deal with the problems being faced in Germany
  • He carried out many campaigns rallies, speeches, marches and used posters which attacked the enemies of Germany

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