Despite denials, the government has confirmed that they intended to reopen schools at the end of June as we reported two weeks ago. The reopening has however been postponed to 28 July as the government tacitly admits that more steps need to be taken in order for schools to reopen safely. Also, just as we reported two weeks ago, June examinations are going to start on 29 June as scheduled.

Not everyone is going to school

We are beginning to sound like a broken record here but just like we reported earlier not every student will be going back to school on the scheduled reopening date. Instead, those in completing classes i.e. Grade Seven, Form Fours and Form Sixes are the ones that will go back to school first. This will be Phase One.

Phase two, which will follow after three weeks will be for classes writing next year. All classes will be split into two at this point.

Phase three is when the rest of high school learners will go to school and in primary, Grades Three, Four and Five will return to schools.

As we get to phase four, classrooms will be used up due to social distancing. In this phase, Grade One and Two learners will return to class.

Primary and Secondary Education Permanent Secretary Mrs Thumisang Thabela

Phase four will likely see students return to school in September according to the Herald, exactly as we already reported. The last to return will be ECD students again according to our schedule.

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