Secretary Nick Mangwana has dismissed the document upon which this article is based.

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The question on everyone’s minds ever since the coronavirus lockdown began has been: When will our lives get back to normal? One aspect of our lives that has not been normal is the school part.

So when will Zimbabwean schools reopen you ask? Well, schools remain closed but information that we have received shows that schools will open on 23 June. This, however, is for those who are writing their final examinations this year. This includes Grade 7 students, Form Fours and Form 6 students who are writing in November.

PhaseGrade/FormDate of Opening
1Examination Classes
Grade 7
O Levels
A Levels
23 June 2020
2Summative Classes
Grade 6
Form 3
Form 5
14 July 2020
3Other Classes
Grade 3-5
Forms 1 and 2
28 July 2020
4Infant Classes
Grades 1 and 2
11 August 2020
5ECD Classes (A & B)1 September 2020

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