Reports in various state media indicate that some Zimbabwean Universities are now open despite the increase in Covid-19 cases in Zimbabwe. We have seen a surge in the number of positive cases of late buoyed by returnees from South Africa which is in the throes of the pandemic. Currently active cases stand at 279 according to an update from the Ministry made yesterday.

According to Sunday News Chinhoyi University (CUT) is already open. Others such as Great Zimbabwe University, Lupane and University of Zimbabwe has announced that they will open soon. Bulawayo based Nust University has however said that learning is postponed until further notice.

The looming Covid scare

Authorities from both the government and universities (which are owned and controlled by the state) say that there will be strict guidelines mean to thwart the spread of coronavirus. These measures include acts such as maintaining social distancing, using hand sanitizers and ensuring that students and staff wear face masks.

However, it is not clear whether students that normally live in crowded residential accommodations will be allowed to remain. Even those living off-campus often share residence in overcrowded conditions. Social distancing on-campus will be undone by lack of social distancing in these places.

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