Resistors in series

Resistors in series

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Experiment: Determining the resistance of resistors in parallel and in series

Aim: To determine the combined resistance of resistors in series and in parallel

Materials: 4 cells, 2 bulbs/2 resistors, switch, ammeter, voltmeter, leads with crocodile clips


Resistors in parallel

Resistors in parallel

  1. Set up the circuit as shown above in series and in parallel
  2. Measure the voltage across each resistor in series
  3. Measure the voltage across two resistors in series
  4. Measure the voltage across each resistor in parallel
  5. Measure the voltage two resistors in parallel
  6. Using the voltage and current readings calculate the resistance of each resistor and the total resistance of the combined resistors

Results and Observations

  • Resistors in series have a greater combined resistance
  • Than resistors in parallel

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