National Park Bashkiriya / Ural Mountains / Russia. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Natural Resources: Conservation of coniferous forests

  • National Parks and protected forest areas have been established both in North America, Europe and the former Soviet Union (now Russia).
  • Good management approaches are employed to ensure that future supplies of timber are guaranteed and wildlife habitats and recreation functions maintained.
  • Vulnerable areas like steep slopes and watershed are protected from over-exploitation and uncontrolled clearance of vegetation by legislation.
  • Timber farming is encouraged at the expense of exploitation of natural forests.
  • Recycling of forestry products like paper and use of substitutes have also helped conserve the coniferous.
  • Legislation to control industry emission that result in acid rain which destroys forests help to conserve trees.
  • Efficient processing of cut timber to avoid wastage also helps to conserve forests.

Coniferous forests, like the deciduous temperate forests are in less danger to over-exploitation than the tropical rainforests.

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