Sacks of fertilizer. Image credit

Sacks of fertilizer. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Uses of Industrial gases

  • Industrial gases have many industrial uses
  • The table below lists some of the common uses of gases
  • Electrolysis of water

  • Manufacture of Ammonia

  • Hardening oils to make margarine

  • Liquification of air

  • Electrolysis of water

  • Cutting and welding metals using oxyacetylene welding

  • The manufacturer of steel ( Oxygen Lance process)

  • Medical uses e.g. Hospitals

NitrogenLiquification of air
  • Manufacture of ammonia

  • Manufacture of nitric acid

  • Refrigirant

  • Freezing vegetables

  • Preserving sperm for artrificial insemination

  • "Burning" off growths on skin

AmmoniaHaber process
  • Manufacture of fertilizers

  • Refrigerant

Carbon Dioxide
  • Liquification of air

  • Fermentation process

  • Fizzy drinks

  • Dry ice refrigerant

  • Fire extiguishers

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