Volkswagen (The People’s Car) was instituted under Hitler. Image credit Pintrest

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Germany: How Successful was Hitler’s Domestic Policy

Successes of the Policy

  • Hitler managed to reduce and eventually end unemployment in Germany
  • Hitler also managed to rebuild infrastructure that had been destroyed during the first world war
  • Germany soon became the largest producer of military machines in Europe
  • Industries boomed in Germany during the first years of the Nazi policies especially those manufacturing war weapons
  • Germany became independent from depending on agricultural imports
  • Workers enjoyed the Strength through joy programme
  • Marriage loans given to couples led to the increase in the population by 25 %
  • The government was strong enough to enforce law and order in Germany
  • Economic and political chaos disappeared
  • Military training at an early age ensured that the Germans had a strong army that was invincible
  • The Nazis were successful in creating a state based on their beliefs and doctrines


  • For failures of Hitler’s Domestic Policy please click here

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