Banks provide essential services.

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: The role of service industries

  • A service industry is an industry which provides back-up to other sectors of the economy such as primary and secondary industries as well as to the people or labour force for them to function well.
  • They are also known as tertiary industries.
  • The development of service industries is directly proportional to the growth of the economy of a country and, at times, to the population size of that country.
  • From this it can be concluded that big economies have large tertiary sectors to service them and vice versa.
  • Examples of service industries include banking, insurance, distribution, information, education, health, office work and tourism.

The role of some of these service industries in an economy

  • An industry like ZISCO produces steel products which it sells to the market.
  • There is therefore need for transport to distribute the products.
  • Money is made by ZISCO in the process and this money has to be stored in bank, hence banking is required.
  • The company machinery and workers need to be insured against disasters, so insurance comes in.
  • The workers must have the required technical skills and so education is necessary.
  • Likewise, production is enhanced if the workers are healthy.
  • Much paperwork on raw materials, quality control, production targets, transport costs and wage bills are done in an office and so construction and office work come in.
  • Service industries are therefore developed to service primary and secondary industries as well as the population itself.
  • Other reasons are to employ people, to develop infrastructure and to create more wealth.
  • The UK has a larger economy and so has a bigger tertiary sector than Zimbabwe.
  • In Zimbabwe, whilst our tertiary industries are education, health, banking, insurance, distribution and information, there is dominance of tourism but still our scale of operation is small compared to the UK.
  • In the UK there is increasing tertiarisation or increasing dominance of services in its economy.
  • Hi-tech and information industries are dominant with office work a close second due to the nature of the British economy.
  • Certainly the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) are more global and therefore bigger than the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE).

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