The New Deal reduced unemployment

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The United States of America (USA) 1920-1939:Successes of the New Deal

  • It prevented a possible revolution as people had founded hope in the new government
  • It restored democracy in the USA as other countries turned to authoritarianism to deal with effects of the depression
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority changed relations between the central and local governments in a positive manner
  • It also provided social welfare services to those in need and living in poverty
  • A compulsory pension scheme was introduced
  • Unemployment insurance was also given to those unemployed
  • Social services provided by the public works were sustainable
  • Schools and health services were constructed
  • The banking and finance sector were revitalized
  • The farming produce was greatly improved
  • The manufacturing industry was revived
  • Many people were able to get and secure employment
  • The American currency got its value back and inflation was reduced

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