Yosemite Mountains and Valley. Image by Mountainprofessor.

Yosemite Mountains and Valley. Image by Mountainprofessor.

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Advantages of Rift Valleys and Block Mountains

Advantages of block mountains

  • Relief rainfall is common raising the amount of annual precipitation within the vicinity of such mountains.
  • They have a cooler environments which invigorating tends to have fewer diseases associated and ailments with it.
  • Have pastures for animals.
  • Firewood and fruits.
  • Offered fortifications during tribal warfares.
  • Minerals such as gold and diamonds are usually found within their vicinity.
  • Water can be obtained from springs.

Disadvantages of block mountains

  • High erosion rates
  • Wild animals can be found in mountainous areas
  • Rock falls can be fatal to humans and damage infrastructure.
  • Volcanic activities can take place and these can lead to loss of human lives
  • Lack of moisture as the soil drains quickly due to steep slopes.
  • Transport networks are difficult and expensive to construct in mountain regions.

Advantages of rift valleys

  • Water for domestic and industrial use from is readily available in  lakes
  • Pastures for animals can be found in most valleys e.g. the East African Rift Valley
  • Fertile soils from sediment deposited by running water.
  • Alluvial deposits from which can be found precious minerals such as gold.
  • Fishing in lakes provide livelihood to people for example Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika
  • Recreation activities in lakes for example sailing and other water sports
  • Can provide tourist attractions.

Disadvantages of rift valleys.

  • There is hot weather which can be stiffing and enervating on valley floors.
  • Diseases such as malaria, bilharzia and typhoid abound in within such areas.
  • Rock falls from the associated mountains can lead to loss of life or damage to infrastructure.
  • Dangerous animals can be found in forests.
  • Floods may occur on the valley floor.

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Image credit: Mountainprofessor.