Sedentarization is a possible solution. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes:Agriculture:Farming types in Africa:Solutions to the Problems Caused by Nomadism

  • The problem caused by nomads are a cause for concern for settled farmers and governments in Africa, as well as international organisation such as the United Nations.
  • As a result, measures have been undertaken to deal with these problems with varying degrees of success.
  • One solution is to sedentarise the nomads.
  • The United Nations devised a scheme for the sedentarisation of nomads in the Sahel.
  • Another solution is to commercialise the animal husbandry of the nomads after settling.

Commercialisation of nomadism

  • Since the nomads already have large herds, the idea is to now improve the quality of the animals which the farmers can sell and derive cash.
  • This is done by building dip tanks to rid the animals of tick-borne diseases, vaccinating the animals, destocking and undertaking controlled grazing as well as fattening the livestock before sale.
  • Pastures may be irrigated for them to become perennial.
  • The solution above can only succeed if the nomads understand and accept the rewards.
  • Therefore, massive education campaigns are to be undertaken to enlighten the nomads on problems and benefits.
  • Educated nomads have quit the tradition of moving around.
  • In already devastated lands, rehabilitation programmes are being implemented though afforestation, reforestation, regrassing and building dams for irrigation projects.
  • It is important to note that the environmental conditions under which nomadism occurs are the harsh arid or semi-arid with very low rainfall, drought and scanty vegetation

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