Safe use of chemicals. Image credit

Safe use of chemicals. Image credit

ZIMSEC Combined Science Notes: Safety when using chemicals

  • Pesticides are almost always harmful to human beings.
  • They are graded according to their level of toxicity i.e. how dangerous they are to humans.
  • There are no safe pesticides all are harmful the level of toxicity differs but all pesticides are toxic.
  • Always read and follow instructions when using pesticides taking note of the following:
  • the composition of the substance.
  • What exactly is it supposed to be used for people have a tendency to use garden chemicals for home use. This will most likely lead to accidental poisoning.
  • Handling precautions that are supposed to be followed e.g. gloves.
  • The recommended course of treatment in the event that one is exposed to the pesticide.
  • Cleaning after use.
  • Storage and disposal of used containers.
  • Generally chemicals should be stored in a dry cool place and always away from the reach of children and pets.
  • They should be stored in locked, well ventilated storerooms.
  • Used pesticide containers should be buried and not burnt.

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