Harare during the days of the Federation

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Royal (Bledisloe) Commission of March 1938

  • After the conference, there were no steps towards a Federation
  • This commission was put in place by the British government to look into the resolution passed by the Victoria Falls Conference
  • It was chaired by Lord Viscount Bledisloe and its aims were to found out how the Federation was to be possible that would take into considerations the interests of the three colonies
  • The Commission voted for a unification but it was not to be done immediately
  • Issues it raised as obstacles to immediate implementation of the federation were that of different native policies and African resistance in Malawi and Northern Rhodesia
  • Further progress towards the federation also stopped due to the eruption of the World War 2 in 1939
  • The British Government later stated that they would not have the amalgamation because it was not practical
  • The government advocated for close cooperation and coordination of the colonies in areas such as trade, economic relations, communications, industrial development, research, education and labour
  • A Central African Council was set up chaired by the Southern Rhodesia governor
  • Commons services also began during this time
  • These included, African Statistical Office, Central African Archives, Central African Airways Cooperation and the Central African Authority
  • The Central African Council was in existence till January 1950

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