Potholes. Image credit thunderbolts.info

Potholes. Image credit coolgeography.co.uk

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Landforms resulting form Potholes

  • These are circular holes bored into the solid bedrock of a river by pebbles and stones carried by the river.
  • The rough river bed, mostly common in the upper course section or rivers, encourages turbulent flow
  • Stones and pebbles can get caught up in depressions on the river’s solid river bed.
  • The swirling and eddying motion of the flowing current causes the pebbles to spin and turn within these depressions widening them.
  • The result are circular depressions called potholes.
Pothole formation. Image credit coolgeography.co.uk

Pothole formation. Image credit coolgeography.co.uk

  • The diagram above shows how potholes are formed.

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