Boer fighters during the Anglo-Boer War.

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Colonisation of Zimbabwe:The Jameson Raid of 1893

  • The British wanted to enforce their rule on Transvaal , Boer colony
  • Their reasons for this were that they were complaining that Uitlanders (foreigners mostly British) were being ill-treated by the Boers
  • The British then advanced in December 1895 with 280 BSAC police force
  • However, he raid was a disaster as the British were received by a prepared Boer army and they got imprisoned
  • Rhodes was forced to resign as Prime Minister of Cape Colony and was on the verge of losing his company
  • When the Ndebele heard the news that the BSAC were defeated they realized that they were not invincible
  • Only 40 soldiers remained in Rhodesia so it was a good time to attack the settlers and drive them off for once

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