Recently allĀ  of Zimbabwe’s three network operators hiked their data prices-significantly. Given how important data, especially WhatsApp data is important to all of us Zimbabweans you might want to know which network is offering the cheapest WhatsApp data bundle.

It depends

All three mobile network operators have three WhatsApp bundles:

  • Daily WhatsApp bundles that last for 24 hours
  • Weekly WhatsApp bundles that expire after a week
  • Monthly WhatsApp bundles that expire after a month

To make things more complicated these bundles are not unlimited. Each network has its own bundle size.

So who has the cheapest daily bundle?

Mobile NetworkCostData in MBCost per MB

As shown above Telecel clearly offers the cheapest daily data bundle. If cost is all you are looking for then it’s time you switched to Telecel. You should note however that if you chats involve a lot of pictures and videos Telecel might not be the best fit for you. You rarely get a 4G signal. Netone offers the best of both worlds here. A fast connection which is relatively affordable all things considered.

Who has the cheapest weekly bundle?

Mobile NetworkCostData in MBCost per MB

Again Econet is still the most expensive. Telecel and Netone have a similar cost of $2. Given what we have already said about speed I would strongly urge you to go for Netone.

What about monthly bundles?

Mobile NetworkCostData in MBCost per MB

The $8 for a monthly bundle that Econet is asking for is pretty steep. A whole $5 than the cheapest competition. If you are not a heavy user, i.e. a few groups and not many video and picture chats, then you can get a monthly bundle from Telecel. Again if speed is what you seek then Netone is your most affordable option.

Final verdict

Every Zimbabwean smartphone owner should have all three lines in their wallet. Ready to take advantage of things like promotions and cheaper bundles while retaining your primary line. Dual sim devices are readily available in most shops. With a dual sim phone you can buy Netone WhatsApp bundles and still chat using your Econet number.

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