When it was first introduced, the New Curriculum had few supporters. A few tweaks and years later it seems more and more people are embracing it. This has been the case especially after ZIMSEC removed the onerous coursework requirement for most subjects.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association’s chief executive officer Mr Sifiso Ndlovu is the latest one to voice his support. He had nothing but praise for it.

The old curriculum should be completely buried and more emphasis must be on the new curriculum…Our institutions should be able to produce competitive people who can provide solutions and answers to the challenges of our country.

It is important for teachers to be well trained and developed so as to produce graduates who are effective participants in a society.

The new curriculum is the answer to the new generation. We want a generation which creates employment, not to rely on being employed as was the benefit of the old curriculum.

Gone are the days when institutions used to produce people who are only trained to be employed. Institutions must contribute to the development of the nation through graduates who have solutions to challenges.


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