Lecturers from at least two of Zimbabwe’s state universities have threatened to go on a go slow as they say their salaries are no longer enough to sustain them.

2019 has been a tough year for most employees as the economy has been in a free fall despite the government’s positive tone and austerity measures. Due to rising inflation workers have seen their wages eroded to levels that cannot sustain them.

This is despite the fact that most businesses are cushioning themselves by claiming that their prices were always in USD and therefore adjusting them in accordance with prevailing exchange rates. The same businesses and institutions have not done the same with the wages of their workers.

UZ Lecturers give notice

Lecturers from the University of Zimbabwe have said that they will be embarking on a go slow soon if their demands are note met:

Having realised the criticalness of our work, we are now requesting the following on behalf of the workforce, student accommodation be used by employees who

are no longer affording transport fares to and from work. Our members are at crossroads and we hope the above requests will be granted by June 21, 2019 to avoid disruption of smooth running of university business.

MSU lecturers have said something similar

The worker’s executive committee sent out a notice which had similar sentiments and bemoaned the fact that their salaries were no longer sustaining them:

Lecturers’ salaries have drastically fallen to the equivalent of around US$200 per month given that the RTGS (dollar) continues to lose value against other currencies. This salary now fails to take any family person for a week hence we wish to notify you that we are now incapacitated.

Teachers still suffering

Teachers are also suffering with their salaries when expressed in USD terms at black market rates being well below the $50 threshold. The government has promised a raise to cushion civil servants against rising costs of living without giving more details.

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