With each passing day, the economic situation in our beloved Zimbabwe continues to expose more and more people to poverty. Even people who one would assume to be doing well are not being spared.

POSB workers have written to their employer detailing the pain that they are going through due to the erosion of their income as inflation continues to rise on a daily basis.

The workers say they are starving and unable to afford food. The lucky few among them are now able to only afford one meal per day.

We write to advise you of the dire situation that your workers are in. You are fully aware of the economic crisis we are in. Most of the employees are now unable to buy food enough for a week from their salaries let alone paying rent and rates risking the possibility of evictions.

The majority are failing not only to meet committed school fees payment plans for their children, but the situation is being further worsened by the top up requests in foreign currency. Other basic necessities are now beyond the reach of many.

In addition, the majority are no longer able to pay for transport to and from work. Those able are not able to buy lunch and in most days work without eating anything. The majority of the families of your workers are now living on one meal a day.

The situation is now unbearable. We, therefore, advise that from now POSB workers will report for duty as and when they have transport fares and or breakfast and lunch.

Alternatively, most of your workers will start sleeping and staying at the workplace from Mondays to Saturdays in order not to abscond from work.

We hope you find this in order. Please note that this is not collective job action but a measured response to the challenges your workers are facing.

POSB Worker’s letter

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