With Delta Beverage’s soft drink division feeling the pinch of the biting economic crisis in the country, Pepsi seems a little bit chipper as it now has the largest soft drink market share in Zimbabwe.

Pepsi Zimbabwe, the local unit of Varun Beverages has said that they have significantly increased their production in order to meet increasing domestic and foreign demand for their beverages.

Their corporate affairs general manager Fungai Murahwa, revealed this in a chat with Newsday:

We have increased the production capacity by 200% over 2018 in the first quarter. We are in a position to produce enough to meet the Zimbabwe demand for the next three to four years. We have a huge demand from Zimbabwe and it is also our priority.

We are not facing any problem which is worth mentioning. As and when we face any issue, we work with the relevant authorities to find a solution as we do in other countries.

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