NetOne has followed into the steps of Econet by creating it’s own eLearning data bundles meant to help students access online material that will help with their education. The bundles are certainly cheaper than Econet’s similar bundles.

Bundle NamePriceData (GB)Price /MBValidity 
Regular$150.00       90.01730 Days
Heavy$200.00     130.01530 Days
Extreme$250.00     200.01330 Days
Netone’s bundles

In comparison here are Econet’s eLearning bundles

Bundle NamePriceData (GB)Price/MBValidity
10GB Bulk$200.00100.02030 Days
20GB Bulk$350.00200.01730 Days
Econet’s eLearning bundles

While the cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe is comparable to that in the Southern African region there is one thing that sets Zimbabwe case apart-data is unaffordable in Zimbabwe given what people earn. While salaries have remained stagnant the prices of everything including basics have continued to go up on a daily basis. The result has been that people have less and less money to buy bundles. These data bundles are therefore much welcome to most.

How to buy eLearning bundles?

Both bundles can only be purchased through schools. In order for you to buy the bundles, you have to be a member of a participating school. For a school to qualify it has to have at least 50 students represented by at least 50 different numbers. Schools can then submit the numbers of their students who want bundles and pay in advance and collect money from students.

This is certainly a cumbersome process however some institutions for a fee are allowing private students to buy through their schools. It probably violates Econet and NetOne’s terms for these bundles but might be the only way for some students. We will try and update this article to include information on how you can get in touch with institutions that are doing this.

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