A schools ranking list based on last year’s Grade 7 results is now doing rounds online. According to the document Aspidale Primary school is the best-ranked school in the country. They had 38 Grade 7 students last year and all the 38 students passed their examinations thus the school had a 100% pass rate. They are not the only school to achieve a 100%% pass rate however with 45 schools achieving the owners.

Sadly there were disappointments too. A total of 49 schools got a 0% pass rate which means none of their candidates passed. This is not unusual given the conditions in which examinations were written. There was hardly any learning last year with the first term being curtailed. Schools were only opened deep in what was supposed to be the third term with examinations following soon after.

Students from rural areas and poor backgrounds were at a disadvantage as most were not learning. The government’s radio lesson project just never took off. This means those students hardly had anything to write when the examinations came. Surprisingly some well off schools did badly. Notable among them is Riverdale Academy famous for its very high fees and lavish boarding life. The school achieved a paltry 12.5% pass rate.

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