Amidst the ZIMSEC Grade 7 results scandal a new ZIMSEC board for 2021-2024 has been appointed. The board is made up of various layers as well as technocrats in the education and other fields. The 14 member board will be headed by professor Eddie Mwenje was announced by the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) Cain Mathema.

The board which superintends over ZIMSEC is made up of academics, lawyers, educationists, accountants and renowned administrators in whom we have faith that standards will be maintained and made better through their guidance. I hereby announce the appointment of the following members to serve in the ZIMSEC board from 2021-2024

The Members of the board

  1. Professor Eddie Mwenje Chairperson
  2. Mrs Milidzani Faith Masiye-Moyo Vice-Chairperson
  3. Mr Fidelis Mhlanga
  4. Professor David Jambwa Simbi
  5. Mr John Dewah
  6. Dr Lazarus Nembaware
  7. Ms Suzzane Joscelyne
  8. Mr Rogers Sisimayi
  9. Mr Wadzanayi Chirongoma
  10. Mr Richard Gundane
  11. Mr Sindile Mhlanga
  12. Dr. Eventhough Ndlovu
  13. Mr Kind Kapfudza
  14. Mr Mike Kangeremu

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