Robbert Moffat and Khama. Image credit Memories of Mashonaland

Robbert Moffat and Khama from a book by Bishop Knight Bruce. Image credit Memories of Mashonaland

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Missionaries: Missionaries who worked in Mashonaland between 1850 and 1900

The purpose of the dates is to exclude early Portuguese Missionaries like da Silveira from the list.

  • Simon Buys
  • Asser Schahabane
  • David Molea
  • Knight Bruce
  • Gabriel Buys
  • Stephanus Hofmeyr
  • Beuser Wedepohl
  • Isaiah Khumalo
  • Petrus Morudu
  • A.A. Louw
  • Francois Coillard
  • Knothe
  • Schellenus

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