Mzilikazi Khumalo

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Political organization of the Ndebele State

  • The Ndebele had a standing army
  • The Ndebele also practiced the age regimental system
  • Membership in the regimental system was hereditary
  • The men could marry after they had been granted permission by the king
  • The Ndebele army was not only used for war purposes but also for raiding the Shona and Ngwato
  • The army also maintained law and order in the state
  • The soldiers were cattle herders in times of peace
  • In the late years of Mzilikazi’s reign the army consisted of about 20 000
  • Almost every male in the state was enrolled in the army
  • Soldiers were allowed to marry and stay with their wives in regimental towns
  • Married soldiers were the reserve of the army and called in times of emergency
  • Young men in the army played more of production roles such as farming and herding cattle rather than being full time soldiers

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