We have now discontinued the app and decided to focus on providing more free notes before we relaunch the app.
A screenshot from the app.

A screenshot from the app.

We have been promising it for a while and now we have finally gone and done it. We will be launching an Android app on 30 September just in time for this year’s exams. Below is all you need to know about the App (FAQs).

What do you need to use the app?

The app works on all known Android phones and tablets. From our analysis this is the most popular smartphone platform with our students. We will look into launching an iOS (iPhone, iPad etc) app into the future but there are currently no plans to create a Windows (Lumia brand) app.

Any Android Phone will do even the old ones. Just make sure it has decent memory for while the app itself is pretty small saving pages for offline viewing can quickly gobble your device’s space.

How do I get the app?

Once the launch date arrives you can download the app from a provided download link. The link is not a secret so you can share it with all your friends if you want. You can send/receive the app via Shareit/Whatsapp if you want.

  1. Once you get the app install it on your phone/tablet
  2. Launch the app and enter the phone number of the phone/tablet on which the app is installed
  3. You will receive a confirmation pin, enter it and you will be presented with the payment screen
  4. The app costs 6 cents per day to use.
  5. Send us (0772 473953) a payment (minimum $1) and your app account will be credited within the hour
  6. Once you account has been credited you can use the app to access notes and exam papers

What are the benefits of using the app?

  • You can use the app to save pages for offline viewing i.e. even when you have no internet.
  • Faster loading time compared with the normal site
  • A mobile first interface that’s tailored to give you a better study experience
  • Less data usage

NB Even when you are studying offline the app might need to connect to our servers to make sure the content is up to date so don’t take the device offline for too long (48 hours max)

Is the app content different from the website’s content?

  • For now the app mirrors content on the website but with time the app will get preferential treatment and get perks that will only be placed on the site at a later date

I paid exam fees I should get the app for free, why are you making me pay?

For the upteenth time we are not affiliated with ZIMSEC?

Does the app have leaked papers in it?

No, but it has the next best thing. It will prepare you for the final exam.

Can the app/you write the examination for me?

NO. We can help you prepare for the exam.

Is the app zero rated?

No you will still have to pay for data. Our app is not zero rated but it is highly rated.

When will you launch the app I cannot find the download button?

Wait for the official launch date which is 30 September.

I did not receive the confirmation code

Wait for a couple of minutes. App me  on 0772473953 and I can send you the code via Whatsapp. This applies to those in diaspora.

Good Luck with the exams.

NB Any enquires sent via Whatsapp that are not app/extra lessons related will be ignored.  Please read this press release carefully before attempting to get in contact. We receive thousands of prank messages everyday.