First I would like to thank you for being part of our community, we couldn’t exist without you the reader. A successful business is one that puts the customer’s needs and wants first and you should know that you are important to us and we exist to serve at your pleasure.

It has been over a year since this website was formed and boy has it been a blast! We have come a long way from the little site that we were when we launched last year in February. We have grown a learnt a lot from being the naive people we were back then to the experienced hands we are now.

I have written this notice to tell you about some of the most important changes that have taken place behind the scenes and changes we will be making in the future. You need not worry about this changes as you will continue to have free access this site and we would never dream of changing that.

Here are the updates

I am going solo now

You might have noticed that about 99% of articles where penned by me. The idea from the start was that this site would be a dual effort but my friend has had lot on his plate starting a new family and a full time job and it hasn’t been easy on him. So I will be going solo now. To be honest this has not been a recent change. I have been managing the site solo for more than a year now so this change will not be affecting you much.

The rise of Adblockers and free riders

More and more people have been using adblockers. Our site is ad-supported and we rely on these ads to pay for the cost we incur running the site which run into hundreds of dollars per month and we are not even counting the effort I make everyday to maintain the system and keep it running. Some of you might have have encountered an error saying there was an “error making a database connection” this means we need to upgrade our server but we are holding out on that as we are trying to keep our costs at a sustainable level.

If you use Opera Mini please white-list our site so that it can continue to show ads. Most of our users use Opera Mini because they want to take advantage of data bundles but Opera Mini users are turning into expensive free riders who just come to the site and contribute nothing in return. If this trend continues we might be forced to block the browser in future so you will not be able to access the site when using the browser. Alternatively we will create a premium paid version of the site for those who want an ad free experience.

We would obviously hate to do this so let’s hope it will not come to that.

We don’t sell notes

If you read our About Us page you will note we are there to cater for the new generation of users who want to use the internet to study. If you do not have access to the internet you can use any of the thousand and more paper based study packs out there. We are trying to create an App that will allow people to access the site offline but that’s it. We do not have paper based study packs so don’t call asking for these please!

Don’t beep me

You can find my number at various places on the site. This is because I do love to hear from members of our community. Remember I said I am now the solo manager of this site. That means I have a lot on my plate right now. I do have part time staff members to help me but I also do have a day job so no beeping, no call me backs and no SMSes. I only use WhatsApp, Calls and Emails for communication. If you want to talk to me call me, WhatsApp me or email me.

  • Do not contact me to ask a revision question there is a site for that
  • Do not contact me to ask me when I am going to post a certain topic just request it by sending a WhatsApp message/Email message it will be posted as soon as possible even when it seems your request fell on deaf ears I must assure you that I listen

If this seems unreasonable to you please remember that I receive hundreds and even thousands of messages a day. It is pleasant even flattering but exhausting at the same time.

We will be creating a Study App

We are going to be creating a study app which allows you to “download” our notes and study material but we are holding off for right now because:

  1. We need to raise the money to build the App.
  2. We do not have sufficient notes for the A level students to justify an app yet

Online studying

We will be launching an online studying option soon. We are putting the pieces in place.

Happy studying. Please feel free to leave your comments below.