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We have heard your calls and are now introducing WhatsApp revision sessions. Below are some details about the service

How much will it cost?

  • The service will start at $10 this will entitle you to up to two subjects with each additional subject costing you $5 for example 3 subjects will cost you $15, 4 subjects $20
  • Payment is via Ecocash/PayPal/Visa or MasterCard
  • This entitles you to 3 revision sessions per subject per week
  • During a revision sessions you will be told what topics to read on then you will be given questions related to that topic, you then answer those questions, take photos of them and send them to our WhatsApp number, the answers will be marked and you will receive personal feedback on that particular session including pointers on how you can improve
  • Please note while this is the current price we reserve the right to review it upwards or downwards
  • Online lessons are carried out between 6 am and 6:30 pm on weekdays and 6am to 12pm on weekends. Any material submitted outside these hours will be considered the following day
  • This payment will not entitle you to call us at all hours and be a general nuisance
  • We do not have PDF versions of notes on our site, you will be asked to read the notes on our site or make use of notes you already have do not send messages asking for Notes please!! You may request that we post a topic if it is already not posted.


  • For practical reasons only the following subjects are available for online revision via WhatsApp:
    1. O Level Accounting aka Principles of Accounts
    2. Combined Science O Level
    3. Maths O Level
    4. Business Studies O Level and A Level
    5. Accounting A Level
  • Cambridge:
    1. Commerce IGSCE/GCE
    2. Maths IGSCE/GCE
    3. Business Studies IGSCE/GCE, AS and A Level
    4.  Accounting IGSCE/GCE, AS and A Level


  • You will need the following in order to join:
  • Internet Access-This could be in the form of bundles, WiFi access etc
  • A phone/laptop/tablet with a browser and WhatsApp
  • A phone with a camera

How it works

  • You can get in touch with me at 0772 473 953 via WhatsApp
  • Answers are to be submitted to this number

When do I start

  • As soon as you have made payment and selected your desired subjects. However we have a set number of students that we can accept. Check with us before making payment and confirm there are slots available