If you want to view your results online please follow the instructions here

Good news everyone the 2019 O Level ZIMSEC results are now out. Even more good news you do not have to trudge to your centre in order to get them. In a new development you can now access your results online. Please note that you can only view the results online but you still need to your registration centre to get your results.

This is a good development. A lot of schools have been known to hold students to ransom demanding all sorts of payments before students are allowed to even see their results. The results portal can also be very useful when verifying results. The results on the slip have to match the results viewed in the portal. I can see future employers making extensive use of this facility.

How to access the results

Results prompt

We haven’t been able to personally verify the requirements of the process itself but the first step requires you to visit the ZIMSEC website. Once there you will be prompted by a notice telling you you can now access your results online. Follow the link given by this prompt and enter the required information.

You can only view results but you still need to collect the results slip from your registration centre

To view your results please follow the instructions here.

A lot of people are trying to see their results at the same time thus the portal might be slow. Please be patient or wait to use it during off peak periods such as late at night or very early in the morning.