Ivory Trade was part of the Foreign Trade in Mutapa State. Image credit watchdog.co.ug

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Mutapa State (Kingdom): Importance and effects of foreign trade in the Mutapa state

  • Trade played an important role in the Mutapa State

Importance of Trade in the Mutapa Kingdom

  • The cloths and beads got from trade was used as clothing by many wives, children and official
  • ┬áBeads and cloth gained from trade was used as gifts for the mhondoros
  • They were also used to pay tribute to the Mutapa
  • These items were also given to provincial rulers during war times to maintain their loyalty and allegiance
  • All trade items in general increased the power and wealth of the Munhumutapa
  • The Mutapa king also got guns, like the cannon, which were efficient in times of war
  • Trade stimulated the making of locally made cloth which became available widely in the 16th century
  • The killing of elephants for ivory led to a protein richer diet

Negative effects of foreign trade

  • Some of the Mutapa subjects who gained a lot from trade were now refusing to pay tribute to their king
  • The Portuguese shifted their attention to the Rozvi state and this weakened the political organization of the state
  • Portuguese started focusing on the feiras and trading centres and this created enmity between them and the Mutapas since they were not gaining from the trade
  • The Portuguese gained too much political power and became a law unto themselves
  • The goods that Mutapa people got were of little value as compared to the gold and ivory they were giving to the foreigners

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