A franking machine. Image credit ashcroftmailingsolutions.co.uk

A franking machine. Image credit ashcroftmailingsolutions.co.uk

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Communication: Free posts and Franking machines

Free post

  • This service is a variation of the business reply service.
  • The user needs to seek for approval from the post office.
  • If he is granted access the user pays deposit
  • All free post mail is written Free Post before the address.
  • The sender does not pay for postage.
  • The recipient pays a surcharge on the usual postage.

Franking machine

  • The machine is rented from the Post Office.
  • It is used when sending large volumes of mail regularly by large organisations.
  • The machine has a meter for recording total postage.
  • The hirer pays a deposit before using the machine.
  • The machine prints the words “postage paid” on each envelope or (PPI i,e, Prints Postage Impression)
  • Has a mechanism that prevents tampering with the machine.

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